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Drew University

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Drew is a close-knit, highly selective university located on almost 200 wooded acres in the foothills of northern New Jersey, 30 miles from New York City and five minutes from Morristown, NJ, the military capital of the Revolutionary War.

With a total enrollment of 2,400 men and women, the university has a reputation for excellence and innovation. Its undergraduate college is recognized as one of the top liberal arts colleges in the nation.

Drew is led by Thomas H. Kean, former two-term Governor of New Jersey, who became the school's tenth president in 1990.

Drew's campus is primarily residential and most of its more than 1,500 undergraduates and the majority of its Caspersen and Theological school students live on campus.

Started as a Methodist seminary in 1867, Drew is today an independent university of distinction with an abiding belief in the liberal arts and the use of technology in support of teaching and learning. The university gains its strength from a $230 million endowment, among the top in the nation on a per student basis, and annually draws more National Merit Scholars than many of the other top liberal arts colleges in the nation.

Please note this is an unofficial community. This journal is not endorsed by the administration of Drew University. All posts and comments reflect the opinion of the author.

Questions? Contact the community's founder, kingfox, or the other maintainers, windexcowboy and periol.

There are a number of additional Drew University communities. These include 36madave for the male a capella group, medfest for the medieval festival, and acadtech for those involved with Academic Technology.
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