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Nicolay Shinkin [userpic]

Supersonic Marketing Chinese Book 1 by Polina Shinkina includes 10 marketing letters with the detailed glossaries, vocabularies and exercises for the new words learning.

Texts and analytical exercises in this textbook are based on the best self-teaching practices and turn the Chinese language learning into the everlasting chain of the greatest pleasure! From now on any kind of e-mail marketing correspondence in the Chinese language will be a great pleasure for you, both reading and writing!

Your outstanding knowledge how to write marketing letters push you forward to the frontline of the super-experienced and the most precious office employees.


Nicolay Shinkin [userpic]

⺄ yǐ second,
丿 piě slash,
丶 zhǔ dot,

⺄ 丿丶

Chinese, Character, Breakdown, Decomposition, Analysis, Strokes, Language, Dictionary, Textbook, Break Down, Split, Analyze, Decompose, Learn, Memorize, Broken Down

More information: http://www.lulu.com/content/e-book/the-chinese-character-decomposition-guidance/18847104 and http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/polina985

nicolayshinkin [userpic]

Chinese Marketing Correspondence Textbook for Self-Study
Supersonic Marketing Chinese Book 1 by Polina Shinkina


profwriterz [userpic]

Hi all..

I was surfing to find some template that could help in MLA citation style. Fortunately I found one. I missed the link, so am pasting the contents as under. This might be of some help to others.


Student second name and page number to be right aligned in header

<Student Name>

<Name and Section # of course>

<Instructor Name>


Insert Full Title of the Assignment

            From here you start off the assignment and each paragraph is indented by pressing a simple tab key when starting a new paragraph.

            Heading 1

            Guess what is the noticeable difference? You just noticed! Headings are also indented and underlined simultaneously. Do not have any formatting in the paper such as having any text bold or italics.

            There is no gap between the paragraphs. The most important part is the in text citations which uses Author, Page style where citations are listed by author(s) last name and page number range. If you’ve completely rephrased something you took from a source then you should cite like this (Haris, 21).

Subheading 1

Do not bold, italicize or underline the subheading.

Works Cited

Next page is the referencing page that is here known as works cited. Please note that references should be in alphabetical order with books coming first, followed by websites. Try placing as many books as you can. Notice that the references have hanging indents from the second line onwards and are not numbered.

A Book

Author’s last name, first name initial. Title of the book. Book Edition. City of Publishing: Publisher. (Date published).

A Magazine or Newspaper Article

Author’s last name, first name initial. “Article Title.” Magazine or newspaper name. (Date published): page numbers of article.

A Web Page

Organization/Website/Author Last Name, First Name Initial. “Web page title” Sponsoring organization or Home Page. Date Accessed.
<www.url.com >


Derek J Neuland [userpic]

Amazon is offering a free 1 year subscription to Amazon Prime (Which usually costs $79 a year. Perks include free 2 day shipping, and $3.99 overnight shipping): http://amzn.to/bSH8jP (url shortened with bit.ly)

This is being marketed towards college students but all you need is a valid .edu email address, so teachers and alumni might be able to benefit from this too (though the Terms of Service does say they have the right to ask for proof that you are a current student).

I apologize if you have already heard about this amazing deal. I just want to help spread the word on this before they stop offering it. I am not an employee of Amazon, nor do I gain anything from people signing up for this service.

Tom [userpic]

So, this may not be the best place to post this, but no one seems to use this community anymore, and same-gender marriage does affect about 10% of people living in NJ.

I've been working with Garden State Equality for same-gender marriage equality in New Jersey since I graduated Drew last May. We've motivated thousands of people across the state as well as in Philadelphia and New York City to join us in this fight. Last year, a bi-partisan, state-run commission found that civil unions do not give the same rights and privileges as marriage in NJ. Imagine wanting to see your loved one in the hospital and being denied! Or having to carry your civil union papers with you whenever you travel out of state...

Unfortunately, anti-equality advocates have been ramping up the pressure on the legislators. They are collecting thousands of signatures after Church services across the state and motivating social conservatives to vote against equal rights. We know that a majority of New Jerseyans do support marriage equality - we just need to make our voices heard!

The NJ State Legislature will be voting on this issue this November/December!

NJ LGBT organizations need help NOW. In another few weeks, it'll be too late. If we lose this chance at marriage equality, it could be another 8 years until we can try again. See www.GardenStateEquality.org for more information on how you can help out. Don't miss out on this historic fight!

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spike7q [userpic]


March 4, 7pm in the Concert Hall of DoYo--

Judy Shephard - The Legacy of Matthew Shepard

Judy Shepard is the mother of Matthew Shepard, a 21-year old who was murdered for being gay. Since that time, Judy has led a massive campaign towards ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Refreshments will be served.

So it's free, informative, and there's FOOD. What more could you want?

Contact: Jen Toslu at jtoslu@drew.edu with any questions

Individuals needing special assistance should contact the Office of Housing, Conference and Hospitality at 973-408-3103 at least five working days prior to the event in order to insure appropriate arrangements.

Tom [userpic]

Then come on up to Drew University!


Wednesday, March 4th
7pm - 8:30 pm
Drew University
Concert Hall, Dorothy Young Center for the Arts
36 Madison Avenue, Madison New Jersey (07940)

If possible, please RSVP at the Facebook event page at http://www.facebook.com/inbox/#/event.php?eid=37798124210&ref=ts or contact me.

Hosted by the Drew University Alliance and Women's Concerns House.

More info:
Judy Shepard is the mother of Matthew Shepard, a 21-year old gay man who was brutally murdered due to his sexual orientation. Since that time, Judy has led a massive campaign towards ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. As of this moment, she is probably one of the best known queer activist of our time, and has spoken for the Human Rights Campaign and Garden State Equality.

After travel expenses, her fee goes to The Matthew Shepard Foundation, an organization that provides resources and support for schools wishing to perform the Laramie Project, fights for the passage of the Matthew Shepard Act (which would add sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, and disability to national hate crime laws), and helps support queer and questioning youth.

Drew has seen an increase in hate related activity, especially various forms of harassment in the past year. Judy will be able to bring attention to this problem as well as bolster the support and solidarity between the straight and queer communities.

Speech Topic: The Legacy of Matthew Shepard
Speaking from a mother’s perspective, diversity speaker Judy Shepard has made the prevention of hate crimes the focus of her efforts, and urges her audiences to make their schools and communities safer for everyone, regardless of their race, sex, religion, or gender identity and/or expression.

More info at alliance@drew.edu or www.drew.edu.

Tom [userpic]

These two articles highlight the defeated gender-neutral housing policy proposal at Drew. I thought that this community might be interested in:

★ LAURiE ★ [userpic]

Does anyone have any information regarding the alleged Eve 6 concert at Drew on September 6? I saw it on their myspace the other day, but I went to look for it tonight, and it's gone! It's still listed as an event on Facebook, but I don't know which is right. I LOVE Eve 6, and i haven't seen them live in YEARS! I hope the myspace omission is the mistake.

Also, I can't remember...concerts are open to anyone, not just current students, right? I'm an alumna.

If it's still happening and open to the public, can anyone direct me how/where to get tickets? Thanks. :)

genderpac [userpic]

The Gender Public Advocacy Coalition is pleased to announce the release of its 2008 GENIUS Survey in partnership with Ernst & Young. GenderPAC works to ensure that classrooms, communities and workplaces are safe for everyone to learn, grow and succeed.

The Gender Equality National Index for Universities & Schools (GENIUS), GenderPAC’s most recent effort to end discrimination and promote awareness, encourages colleges and universities to recognize the benefits of a GenderSAFEtm campus - supportive equitable and protective for all students. Choosing to participate in GENUIS sends a strong public statement that bullying or discriminating based on the race, sex or gender of a student, faculty, or staff member is not tolerated at your institution

Fill out the survey at: www.gpac.org/GENIUS2008survey, and make sure that we have data for as many schools as possible. Your voice will help us continue to work towards a safe and welcoming environment for every student.

*While we greatly appreciate the interest taken in GENIUS by students, staff, and faculty at academic institutions outside of the United States, at this time GENIUS is only able to track schools based in the U.S.

Tom [userpic]

I know this is OT, but I'm trying to reach out to a broad number of people. Plus, I am a Drew CLA '91 alum!

I’m curious about “recommendation engines”, the systems that enable Amazon and NetFlix to make recommendations like “People who bought _____ also bought ____”. I’m conducting experiments to build such a system. To do that, I need raw data. Would you help me by filling out my survey?

Click HERE to take the survey NOW (U.S. citizens only).

I’m doing this in my spare time as a hobby. I am a computer system administrator and author but this is a side-project. I’ll keep the data private and secure. I’m not collecting names or email addresses thus the data is useless to marketing companies and spammers. There is a link to a privacy policy on the survey.

All that I ask is that you answer the questions honestly.

For best results, I need to collect information from at least 10,000 people of a large variety of political, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds. Since most of my friends are in a similar political leaning, I really need help finding people outside my social circle to fill out the survey. If you could spread the word (blogs, etc.) between now and the end of June (I’m shutting off the survey on July 1, 2008).


Click HERE to take the survey NOW (U.S. citizens only).

Sarah [userpic]

Alicia Key's new video "Teenage Love Affair" is out! For those who don't know, it was primarily taped at Drew, you'll realize that about 30 seconds into the video. Catchy little song, pretty silly if you ask me. It's still always nice to watch something with non-Drewids and shout out "that's mead hall!" or "that's brothers college!"

Check it out on YouTube:


Autumn [userpic]

Is anyone looking for a room to sublet for the summer?

Large bedroom with private half bath available from June 1-Sept 1 (dates flexible). The bedroom is in a three bedroom apt in Jersey City (Journal Square), just a quick path train ride into NYC! Perfect for recent grads or summer internships in the city!

Fully furnished! The room has a tv hooked up to cable and a DVR!

The apt has cable and internet!

Parking space available for rent in driveway of apartment.

My two roommates are wonderful! They both work in NYC and are clean, quiet, and very nice!

Anyone interested, reply to this, email or give me a call!


Tom [userpic]

Drew University's That Medieval Thing is having their 22nd annual Medieval Festival TOMORROW April 12th from 11am to 4pm.


Entrance is free! See awesome and sultry belly dancers, live steel combat, comedic plays, a magician, and fire eaters!


Send a friend to the stocks! Compete in our boffer-sword tournament! Shoot at our archery range (outside event only)!


There will also be delicious food for sale and TONS of vendors selling really cool stuff (clothing, jewelry, swords, etc.)!


So come check it out so I can stop using exclamation points!!!!!




Contact me or medfest@drew.edu if you have any questions! (stolen from Sproffee, adjusted by me)

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Tom [userpic]

Watched those boring Shakespeare plays-turned-in-to-movies in High School?  Don't worry.  We'll save you.

What?  William Shakespeare's The Tempest

When? This Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (Feb. 27-March 1) at 8:00 PM

Where? The Kirby Shakespeare Theater (In between Seminary Hall and Graduate Housing)

And finally...who?

Designers & Staff
Stage Manager – Karina Otero
Assistant Stage Manager -Marielle Duke/ Leslie Pillepich
Light Design - Meg Griffin
Props Design- Marielle Duke
Set Design - Caitlin McWethy
Costume Design - Chris Metzger and Elizabeth Tinnon
Sound Design - Ali Goldaper, Melanie Mercado
Dramaturgy - Frank Occhiogrosso
Hair and Make-Up Design - Miranda Leiggi


Prospero - Chris Ceraso
Ariel - Meg Rutenberg
Miranda - Suzanne Sheptock
Caliban - Nick Nappo
Alonso - Ros Seneca
Ferdinand - Matt Miller
Gonzalo - Jim Hala
Antonio - Zach Kanner
Sebastian - Kristin Ciccone
Stephano - David Robinson
Trinculo - Tom Basgil

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amanda b. [userpic]

hey guys~

come be generally ridiculous with woco tonight at 9 in the space.

test your condom knowledge! watch demonstrations! play the dental dam slingshot game!
there's gonna be prizes! and fun! and you get to hang out with me which is definitely a plus.

9pm. the space. fun!

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Caro [userpic]

Hey friends!

So what exciting things are happening at Drew this semester? I'm not on campus, but I'm only two hours away, so I want to come up for all the really exciting things. Just need to know when they are. Things like JamFest, MedFest, or any other Fest or Jam that might occur. Adam Pascal is coming to Drew - when's that again, and do I need to buy a ticket? Etc etc.

Consider this a really easy way to promote your event and/or figure out what to mark on your calendar.


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Igos du Ikana [userpic]

Is there a quick, easy way to get an electronic (unofficial is fine) copy of my transcript from Drew as an alumna? I was sort of hoping there'd be some sort of alumni login, but if there is I'm not seeing it.

Sophie [userpic]

would it be alright if I promoted something?

My store is having HALO 3 Tournament on Feb 9 at 6PM

It's at the Play N Trade, on the corner of rt 9 and Union Hill Rd in Marlboro NJ

First prize is $75 gift card
Second prize $50
Third prize $25

If anyone is interested stop by the store to sign up!

$10 to register. Pre-register ahead of time for half price

Poster under cutCollapse )

The Greek God of Fetal Popes [userpic]

Saw this on the library web page while doing research for my final paper:

Due to a cut in state funding to the New Jersey Knowledge Initiative, access to New Jersey Knowledge Initiative databases on EBSCOhost may end on February 29, 2008. These databases include Academic Search Premier, school & public library access only, Business Source Premier, Business Source Corporate, CINAHL, MEDLINE, Biomedical Reference Collection Comprehensive and Nursing & Allied Health Comprehensive.
To help keep these resources for NJ, please call Governor Corzine’s office at (609) 292-6000 and ask that they restore one third of the program or one million dollars needed in 2008.

Tom [userpic]

Come to End of Classes Jam!

This Monday, Dec. 10th
9:30 PM
U.C. Lounge

Featuring Mad. Ave., OaDN, WHoS, and AotA!!!

Plus, I'll be plugged in to something or other, and that's always exciting.

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ania [userpic]

so it's course eval time once again, and now they are all online.

does anyone wonder what drew was thinking when they made the comment boxes one line long? imho it makes it especially difficult if you wanted to edit anything long that you typed in.

Tom [userpic]

The Food and Drug Administration bans all men who have sex with men (or any women who have had sex with  men who have had sex with a men...it's a mouthful to say, I know...) from donating blood for their entire lives.

Regardless of one's current HIV status, the FDA will not allow gay men to donate blood.  Risky heterosexual sex generally incurs a one year deferment, but male to male sex incurs a lifetime deferment.  This prohibition reflects homophobia rather than scientific fact.

The American Red Cross, America's Blood Centers, and the American Association of Blood Banks (along with many other donor groups) have petitioned the FDA to repeal the ban, or at least change it to a one year deferment.  Recent advances in testing can now detect the virus in most people 18-21 from infection.  The American Association of Blood Banks also notes that HIV can be detected in anyone infected at most one year from infection.

Currently, the U.S. is experiencing a blood shortage.

Please join the Alliance in the U.C. today, Friday, and this Monday.  We will have letters to sign that we will send to the FDA as well as a station where you can paint a shirt to say "I'm donating blood because my friend can't."

Also, we encourage you to donate blood this Monday, Nov. 19 in order to make up for all of us who cannot.

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You saucy leetle beech [userpic]


You should go to The Space and bid on my paintings soon. They're very lonely and they need a good owner, some one who will talk to them and water them occasionally. Or, you know, just pet them sometimes.

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